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Easter Services

Easter Festival, Sunday
April 5, @ 7:00, 8:30, & 10:00 a.m.


This Week's Sermon Preview

Palm Sunday

It was Palm Sunday.  Riding on a blazing white stallion and kicking up a cloud of dust, Jesus rode into town.  He was hunting down trouble.  The people that he passed on his way were in awe of such a beautiful animal, but they were even more awestruck by the man who was riding it.  As Jesus passed by, townspeople inquired, “Who was that masked man?”
Bad guys were on the loose and Jesus had a job to do.  As he rode into Jerusalem, he quickly sized up the situation and formed a plan to capture the ringleader of the troublemakers.  His name was Diablo, aka Satan.  There was a short scuffle and Jesus won handily.  He tied up Diablo and threw him in jail.
As a large crowd of people gathered to see what the commotion was all about, Jesus mounted his horse and pulled on the reins.  The stallion stood on its hind legs, neighed loudly, and pawed the air with its front legs.  When it stood as tall as it could stand, Jesus leaned forward in the saddle.  Holding the reins with one hand while lifting his white hat in the air with the other, he shouted, “Hiho Stallion and away!”  and rode off into the sunset.

That’s how it happened, right?  Not exactly.   Instead of a stallion, it’s a colt, the foal of a donkey.  Instead of kicking up dust, you might hear a gentle clip, clop in the dirt.  And you certainly don’t see Jesus ride off into a beautiful sunset.  Rather, he’s marching to his death.  And yet, as different as the two scenes are, there is a similarity between them.  In each case, the onlookers asked, “Who is this?”  More importantly, you see Jesus capturing the enemy.

Join us this weekend to worship our King and our Savior while we celebrate the five-year anniversary of our church building.


Holy Week Services

Maundy Thursday w/Holy Communion
April 2, @ 3:30 & 7:00 p.m.

Good Friday, April 3
Traditional, @ 1:00 p.m.

Good Friday, Service of Darkness
April 3, @ 5:00 & 7:00 p.m.

Easter Vigil w/Holy Communion
Saturday, April 4, @ 5:30 p.m.


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