Growth Group FAQs

Growth Groups

 Growth groups will resume in the fall.  Watch for information to come about signing up!
For more information please contact the >church office or >Pastor Qualmann.


Frequently Asked Questions About Growth Groups


Who may participate in the Growth Groups?

Whoever wants to. Growth Groups are intended for all the adults of Immanuel to get connected to fellow Christians. While we want everyone to benefit from this, people will participate only on a volunteer basis.

What happens at a Growth Group meeting?

The members of the group spend time socializing and getting to know each other over snacks and refreshments. The comfortable setting fosters building friendships. They also discuss the previous week’s sermon using interactive discussion questions written by one of the pastors.

How big will the groups be?

Growth Groups will generally be from 7 to 12 people, depending on how many couples or singles are in the group.

What about children?

The members of each group may decide for themselves if they want to bring their children along to the meetings or to make their own arrangements for baby-sitting. Teens will have the option of participating.

How long and how often will the groups meet?

We suggest that the Growth Groups will meet every week for a 7-9 week session. There will be three sessions throughout the year with breaks in between. The meetings will last about an hour, although it’s totally up to the group members to decide.

Who will lead the groups?

Each group will need at least two people to serve as leaders, who have demonstrated spiritual maturity and have expressed a willingness to be a leader. Training for leadership will be given by the Spiritual Growth Pastor.

Who will host the groups?

Each group will need between two and four hosts to take turns hosting the meetings.

Where will the groups meet?

Each group will meet where and when they choose. Groups will be encouraged to meet in members’ homes, at a local restaurant, or other comfortable surroundings. Church facilities (Emmaus Library, Cana Lounge, Chapel, Office Complex Meeting Room) will also be available for meetings.

Can I switch groups?

Absolutely! At the end of each session, members are free to join a different group; or even better start one themselves!