SCRIP Program
    What is SCRIP?
  • SCRIP is a fundraising program for everyone who wishes to support Immanuel's ministry. It also allows you to earn money toward your child's tuition (at Immanuel or FVL) by purchasing gift cards at face value. Because you purchase the gift cards at face value, there's no cost to you.

    Even if you don't have kids at Immanuel or FVL, your participation in the SCRIP program supports Immanuel's ministry by earning money for tuition assistance, the Spanish program, and technology at Immanuel.

    Why participate in SCRIP?
    • Earn tuition credit for your current or future Immanuel or FVL student.
    • No kids at Immanuel? You can still participate in SCRIP to support Immanuel's Spanish and technology programs or the Tuition Assistance Fund.
    • You purchase gift cards at face value (so there's no cost to you).
    • Rebates vary by vendor with an average rebate of 5.5%.
    • 65% of rebate proceeds is credited to the student or Immanuel program of your choice.35% is credited to Immanuel for non-budgeted educational expenses including the Spanish and technology programs.
    • Friends and relatives' SCRIP proceeds can go toward your current or future student's tuition.
    How can I start using SCRIP?
  • Contact Rachel Wunderlich at to get started using SCRIP. You may also stop by the SCRIP cart during a sales session and ask the seller how to get started. Then you will be able to purchase gift cards at school or online and spend them as you would cash. It's that easy to start earning money for your child's tuition and support Immanuel's ministry!

August 26, 2019 through May 22, 2020

SCRIP will be sold during the hours posted below. 

7:30-8:15am in the Office

8:00-Noon in the Office

Wednesday & Friday:
7:30-8:15am in the Office
2:40-3:15pm in the Office

Noon-3:00 in the Office
After worship service in the Cana Lounge

After worship service in the Cana Lounge

8:45-9:15am in the Cana Lounge
10:15-10:45am in the Cana Lounge
    Advantages to ordering SCRIP online
    • SCRIPNow—Immediate access to printable gift cards from your home computer or scanable gift cards from your smart phone.

    • Reload—Immediately add money onto a plastic gift card you've already purchased.

    • Many more plastic card options and denominations are available when ordering online including Festival $100, Kwik Trip $500, Walmart $250 and Woodmans $100 gift cards.

    • By ordering online you are automatically given the promotional rebates when the national SCRIP retailers offer promotions. Bonus rebates occur on a weekly basis!

    Additonal Information
    You will need to set up your payment information to use the PrestoPay payment feature. The national order for out-of-stock inventory will be placed Sundays and available for pick-up at the SCRIP cart no later than Friday.  
    Email SCRIP Coordinator Rachel Wunderlich at and ask to be signed up.

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