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September 2018

What Were You Arguing About?

It was a scene that could have been from Seinfeld.  The older couple was enjoying a date at a nice restaurant, about as 5-star as you can find in Wausau, WI.  Although, as empty-nesters I’m not sure if going out to eat was a “date” or just their dining routine.  Anyway, the husband who appeared very blue-collarish, kind of a man’s man, was having a tough time getting the Heinz 57 ketchup to flow onto his 1/3 pound Angus burger.  You could see the...

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Can Your "Something" Save?

This past Sunday night, after Aaron Rodgers had been carted off the field with a knee injury, and Khalil Mack had just returned an interception for a touchdown, and caused a fumble, and recovered a fumble, and recorded a sack, I thought something. I thought, “The Packers gave their money to the wrong person.” The Packers, as you may know, recently gave Aaron Rodgers the biggest contract in the history of the NFL. And there was talk that they were also going to trade for Khalil Mack,...

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September 9.  That day mean anything to you?  It means something to at least sixteen of our members.  They maybe don’t know this, but five of our members were baptized on September 9.  God’s continued blessings Chloe, Brenda, Isabella, Tammy, and now Watson.  I am pretty sure that nine of you do know this day is special as you’re celebrating birthdays today.  God’s continued blessings Michael, Diane, Sean, Tracie, Richard, Connie, Bennett,...

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Be Strong in the Armor of God

Erik Norrie was vacationing in the Bahamas with his family. They had just had lunch, and Erik decided he wanted to go snorkeling and spearfishing so he could catch something for dinner. After he speared a grouper (kind of a fat, roundish fish, with a large mouth and long teeth), he started swimming back and was in about five feet of water when he felt a crunch on the back of his leg. He looked back and saw a shark with a piece of his left leg in its mouth. His wife and four daughters saw the...

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