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September 2017

Love for the Straying Brother

Sermon based on Matthew 18:15-20. Imagine with me for a moment that you’re a shepherd in the hill country outside of Jerusalem. In your care are 100 sheep. It’s up to you to keep them out of harm’s way. And there’s plenty of potential harm: wolves, mountain lions, thieves and robbers, loose rocks and deep pits. As your sheep are gathered in one place, you count them. “1… 2… 3… 96… 97… 98… 99.” 99! You have managed...

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The Cross Is a Must

Sermon based on Matthew 16:21-26. The world had never seen a man like Samson, and it hasn’t since. Our second lesson paints a picture of a man who had seemingly lost everything. He had been betrayed by his wife, captured by his enemies. They gouged out his eyes, bound him with shackles, and had him grind grain like a mule. Then, they forced him to entertain. By any measure, this is a picture of a broken, humiliated, ruined man. Especially, when you consider what he was. You’re...

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What Impresses Jesus?

What impresses Jesus? Have you ever thought about that before? What impresses Jesus? Does walking on water impress Jesus? Does following every God-given law and man-made rule impress Jesus? Does giving up your life to follow him and do his work impress Jesus? What does it take for Jesus to call someone or something great? What impresses Jesus?   Just one chapter before today’s Gospel, actually we heard it last week, the disciple Peter walked on water. He actually stepped out of...

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