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September 2015

Jesus Loves the Little Children therefore: Welcome Them

(Drop a pin).  Did you hear it?  Maybe not.  But I bet you could in that Capernaum house.  The disciples had been traveling all day with Jesus.  Winding up and down the streets of Galilee, they didn’t have motorized cars to quickly get them from place to place, only motor mouths.  On this particular day they were talking and discussing and bantering and arguing which of them was the greatest.  Listen in. Peter, James, John:  Can you believe these...

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The Biggest Loser

A sermon by Pastor David Scharf at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Greenville, WI; base on Mark 8:27-35.                      “Grace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.  Amen.” (Romans 4:17) “You are the biggest loser.”  There are very few contexts in which that statement is viewed in a favorable...

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Love Chose

A part part sermon by Pastor David Scharf at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Greenville, WI.  LOVE CHOSE I had always wondered why he chose me that day.  I was in 5th grade, my brother Jon was in 8th.  The upper graders conducted their football games on the main field while the rest of us were relegated to the lesser venues off to the side.  It was very unusual for a 5th grader to get picked into that main game.  But my brother was a team captain that day –...

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You Are Set Apart For God

  A sermon by Vicar Julius Buelow at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Greenville, WI; based on Mark 7:1-23. When I was little, my parents gave me a teddy bear, and I named him Chief. Chief was my favorite stuffed animal, and anybody who watched closely could see that. Sure in some ways he looked like all my other teddy bears: filled with fluffy stuff, cute nose, marble eyes, squishy. But Chief, he came on the road trips when others stayed behind, he was around all-year instead of being...

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