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August 2019

What Are You Investing In

Dawn Winfield-Hunt got married to Steve earlier this month on August 3rd. She was a beautiful bride. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. The next day, some friends decided to throw a party in their backyard for them, and Dawn couldn’t decide what to wear. Eventually, she just decided to go with the outfit she had worn the previous day – on the day of her wedding. She took out her wedding dress, put it on, wore it to the backyard barbeque and had a good time with...

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You Should Pray

Back in 2013, a high-speed train was carrying 247 passengers across Spain to Santiago de Compostela, where thousands of Christians gather every year to celebrate the festival of St. James, the disciple of Jesus whose bones they say are buried at that place. The train was about 2.5 miles outside the city when it rounded a curve at 120 mph, which wasn’t good because the speed limit around the curve was 50 mph. And for good reason. Because the train was going too fast, 8 of the train cars...

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I don’t know if you have had lunch or tea with the Queen Elizabeth II recently, or if you’ve met Prince William & Kate or Prince Harry & Meghan at Applebee’s lately. But if you do, here are some rules for hanging out with British royalty. No one can eat after the queen has finished her meal – so you better eat fast When you meet the queen, it’s appropriate for men to do a neck bow and for women to curtsy The queen initiates the dinner...

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ALL IN: For Your Neighbor

This past Monday night, the CBS evening news ended with an inspiring story. It’s common for the TV networks to do that, isn’t it? After sharing 25 minutes of news that likely left their audience feeling down, they try to end by lifting us back up. They shared a feel good story that happened over the weekend on a farm near Ritzville, Washington. The farmer who owns and farms that land is Larry Yockey, and it was harvest time for his wheat. But Larry is battling stage 4 skin cancer...

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