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August 2018

Whom Will You and Your Household Serve?

Sometimes in life you get those moments where a single person can capture the attention of a whole lot of people.  Kind of like Big Al this week. Have you heard about Big Al?  He’s Alfred Delia from Middletown, New Jersey, and he’s 12. His Little League team was playing in the Little League World Series this week, and Big Al introduced himself by saying “Hi my name Alfred Delia. Back home they call me Big Al, and I hit dingers” (baseball speak for home runs)....

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Let the Children Come

The weekdays have been pretty quiet around here the last few months. But, the buzz is back! It started about two weeks ago with school registration. Parents and kids filled up the church entryway on a Tuesday afternoon. You received a welcome letter and school supplies list from your teacher. The older students and their families got some info concerning sports. If needed you purchased a Bible, Hymnal, or Catechism. And you did a smorgasbord of other things too: hot lunch, scrip, God’s...

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Everything God says in His Word is for our benefit. We read the promises of comfort, guidance, forgiveness, and love that saturate the pages of the Bible, and we are blessed. Yet it’s not only the gospel promises, the good news of Jesus, that were written for our benefit. Everything God says is for our good. This truth came up in Starting Point (Immanuel’s Intro to the Bible and membership class) a few weeks ago as we were looking at the Ten Commandments. I had this comic on the...

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Grow Up

So, what did you think of that hymn?  Be honest.  How many of you like that hymn?  How many of you like that hymn to the point that you’re going to run home and change your funeral plans, “Scratch ‘In Christ Alone’, scratch ‘Amazing Grace.’ Must sing hymn 352 at my funeral?”  How many of you didn’t like that hymn?  No offense to our musician, Marlis, she played it exactly as she was supposed to.  But I have to tell...

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Life the Good Life

About three years ago, a woman named Suzie Clark woke up on a particular Thursday morning and prayed, “Dear God, are you going to bless me today and let me find a diamond?” And the answer to that prayer was “yes.” Suzie lives in Arkansas. In Arkansas, just a little southwest of Little Rock, is a state park called Crater of Diamonds State Park. Inside this state park is a 37.5-acre field in which anyone can go and look for diamonds, and you get to keep any diamonds you...

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