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August 2017

Stand Firm

Sermon by Pastor Joel Heckendorf at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Greenville, WI; based on 1 Corinthians 15:57-58.   Monday, August 28, 6:38AM.   Dad walks into Kindergartner’s bedroom, “Good morning, buddy!  Ready for your first day of school?”  “You bet!” says the Kindergartner as he throws off the covers and he’s already dressed as he went to bed in school clothes because he was so excited.   Monday, August 28,...

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Always Enough!

Sermon based on Genesis 41:41-49.  Ever since Day 3 of creation, food has grown out of the ground. Every fruit, nut, vegetable, grain, legume and berry grows from seeds planted in the earth. Meat, milk, eggs, fish come from the animals God created on Day 5 and 6. That’s how God feeds us. That’s how he feeds everyone – naturally – with food that grows. In all that time since Creation we have on record less than ten miracles where God just created food...

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a hEARt that hEARs

Sermon by Pastor Joel Heckendorf at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Greenville, WI (WELS); based on 1 Kings 3:5-13.  It’s your weekly trip to the grocery store.  Do you go to Woodmans, Festival, Copps, WalMart or Costco? You check a few ads and decide to go to Festival.  Your shopping commences with list in hand.  Spaghetti sauce… you find yourself staring at a tomato wall.  Which kind?  Prego, Ragu, Primovera?  Ragu.  Do I go Homestyle,...

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Live with an Eye on the Harvest

Sermon by Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer, based on Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43.  You’re sitting in the lunch room at work, when your co-worker says, “If your God is so good and loving, so mighty and powerful, why is there so much evil in the world?” “Evil,” your co-worker says, “has led me to two conclusions: Either God doesn’t care, or he can’t do anything about it.” At first, you don’t pay much attention to your co-worker,...

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