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July 2019

ALL IN: For Ministry

You might know what a drone is. It’s an unmanned aerial vehicle. A few months ago, someone used a drone with a camera to capture some beautiful aerial pictures of our campus. You may or may not also know that there are awards given each year to the best pictures taken by a drone and that the latest awards were announced just this past week. The pictures of our church weren’t entered and didn’t win, but the winning pictures, as you might expect, are fascinating. There was a...

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ALL IN - No Matter the Cost

You might know that this weekend marks a significant anniversary in American history. It is the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldron walking on the moon during their Apollo 11 mission to space. There are some interesting things about the moon landing that I didn’t know before this week. For example, the flag they put on the moon is no longer there. Buzz said he saw the flag fall over as they were leaving the moon, and NASA hasn’t been able to find any indication that...

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ALL IN: Under Your Cross

Who is Jesus? I understand that must seem like an odd question to ask a church full of Christians on a Sunday morning. Yet, it’s an important one. Today, we begin a sermon series on “Discipleship.” Over the next four weeks, we’re going to talk about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, to follow Jesus, to have a deep, meaningful relationship with Jesus. But what it means for you to be a disciple of Jesus completely depends on your answer to the previous question. I...

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#WINNING Against Regret

Do you have any regrets? Though this person’s intentions may have been good, he certainly has at least one regret. May we learn from his and always check the spelling before we put it in ink. But that’s not the kind of regret I’m talking about. See, I’m not talking about the taco you had before bed last night, the silly mistake you made last week, or even a bad tattoo. I’m talking about the regret of sin that can sit so heavy on your heart – the lies, the...

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#WINNING Against Death

A 23-year-old young woman in Florida did something that not many people get to do. She buried a shark. And not just any shark. A shark that bit her on the arm. This young woman was snorkeling with her friends one day near Boca Raton in Florida when a 2-foot long shark bit her on the arm and refused to let go. She tried to hit it off, shake it off, scream it off, but it just kept hanging on. She ran onto the shore with a shark dangling off her arm, which is when someone killed it. But its grip...

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