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June 2017

Who Is God?

It’s June 25, 1530.  You have been called to give a clear confession of what you believe before Roman Emperor, Charles V.  There are going to be political leaders and religious leaders there from all of Europe.  Do you think you’re going to choose your words carefully?  Absolutely.  Where do you start?    It’s June 25, 2017.  Romans 10 says, “It is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth...

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How Firm a Foundation

Sermon by Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer, based on Matthew 7:15-29. When looking in God’s Word for assurance of your Savior’s love, where do turn? I doubt any of us turn to the words of Jesus in Matthew 7. In fact, this week I looked at a list of 100 Bible verses showing Jesus’ love. And believe it or not, “Watch out for false prophets…” “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire…” “Then I will...

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The Triune God Answers All Doubt

Sermon by Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer, based on Matthew 28:16-20. Who is Jesus? That was the question. Just short of three hundred years after Jesus ascended into heaven, a new teaching began to surface which claimed Jesus wasn’t true God. Arius, a priest in north Africa, was the first to propose this theory. He was extremely persuasive, and soon this false teaching was so widespread that a church council was called to settle the matter. The result of that meeting in 325 A.D. was the...

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Create In Me

Sermon by Pastor Phil Koelpin based on Psalm 51: 10-12.   It wasn’t the sound of a rushing wind. It wasn’t the fact that disciples were able to speak foreign languages they never learned. It wasn’t the flames of fire appeared over the heads of those disciples. No, the greatest evidence that the Holy Spirit arrived in Jerusalem was the reaction to Peter’s sermon. People, thousands of them, were shaken. Their hearts were crushed as the Holy Spirit used the...

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