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May 2019

I Just Wanna Be A Sheep That Listens

What does it mean to be a Christian? Have you ever thought about that before? When you say you are a Christian, what do you mean? When you display the fish symbol on the back of your family’s SUV, or list Christian as your belief on social media, what are you saying? – I think there are many ways we could answer that question. The title “Christian” was first used for the earliest followers of Jesus. So being a Christian means to follow Jesus. The title of our sermon...

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I Just Wanna Be a Sheep that Loves

Last Sunday, as you know, was Mother’s Day. And it was a very special Mother’s Day for a mom named Munira. When she was 32 years old, she and her 4-year-old son Omar were in an accident. Omar wasn’t seriously injured. But Mom was. She had severe brain damage, and doctors told her family that she would never speak or open her eyes again. That happened in 1991. Over the next 28 years, she was transferred from hospital to hospital, and she did not open her eyes or say anything or...

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I Just Wanna Be a Sheep that Listens

Jerel was visiting his friend Rodney last Sunday. Rodney lives in Oklahoma and has one of those video doorbells that starts recording whenever there’s movement outside the front door. The video of Jerel approaching Rodney’s front door went viral this last week because it shows Jerel opening the screen door and getting bit in the face by a 5-foot long snake. The snake had wrapped itself around one of the porch lights and apparently didn’t like it when Jerel approached him. The...

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Your Everyday Savior

“I love your new haircut.” “You are such a great host.” “That color looks so good on you.” Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.” “I love what you did with the landscape in the front of your house.” “You’re in great shape.” We love to receive compliments. It makes us feel good to be appreciated and noticed. One simple compliment can change your entire day. We love receiving compliments so much that there are actually...

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