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April 2017

He Is Moving Me Toward Freedom

[Play video of texter falling into fountain].   Maybe makes us chuckle.  But “distracted walking” is an increasing threat to our society.  Over a 1000 pedestrian injuries are reported each year due to mobile phone use.  It was a few years back, but in Benton Harbor, Michigan a woman walked right off a pier into Lake Michigan because she was texting and not watching where she was going.  It’s become such a threat that “Distracted...

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He's Moving Me Toward Transformation

John 20:19-31 Take a stroll downtown, and you’ll see a sign in Houdini Plaza that’s says, “What they eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.”  What, you don’t believe me?  Ok, here’s a picture of the sign. While Harry Houdini gets the credit for this quote, I’m calling him out for plagiarism.  This very well could have been said by Thomas.  Listen again to Thomas’ line from the Gospel, “Unless I see the nail...

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A Burial Cloth - Easter Morning 2017

To you and me, it’s just a piece of cloth. It doesn’t conjure up any strong emotions. It’s just cloth. But what if instead of holding cloth, I was standing next to a coffin? Would you still feel the same way, no strong emotions? You likely don’t even need to see one for feelings of sadness, grief, anger, disappointment, loneliness, fear to start running through you. You can picture it. You’re standing next to your siblings or children in a church or funeral home as...

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The Veil - Good Friday Tenebrae 2017

PART ONE: THE VEIL    “Can I see him?”  That was the question the nervous wife asked as she ran up to the emergency room nurses’ station.  Her husband was in a horrible car accident and had been rushed by ambulance to the hospital.  She had but one concern.  She wanted to see her husband.  “Can I see him?”  What if the answer was, “No?” What happened in the Garden of Eden was no accident.  Adam and...

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A Garment - Good Friday Traditional Service

Based on John 19:23-24.  The common thread that weaves its way from Maundy Thursday to Good Friday to Holy Saturday and into Easter Sunday is God’s love for sinners and Jesus’ willingness to do exactly what was necessary to rescue us. Jesus weaves his love and power into these three days. But there are threads common to all of us ever since that day in the Garden of Eden when God called out to Adam, “Where are you?”  Clothes.  We all wear clothes. And...

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A Towel

Based on John 13:1-15, 34,35. INTRODUCTION It is a piece of thread. It seems so small and insignificant. From where many of you are sitting it’s probably impossible to see. And yet, when you take a thread like this one and weave it together with others you can make things, things like clothing and towels and burial cloths. Pieces of thread can also tell stories. There have been times when a simple piece of thread, even smaller than this one, has revealed enough information to help...

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Shakin' Not Stirred

Sermon on Sunday, April 10, 2017 with Pastor Joel Heckendorf; based on Matthew 21:1-11.  Palm Sunday.  Personally, it’s a day filled with memories.  I was confirmed on Palm Sunday.  The first church I served broke ground for a second site on Palm Sunday.  Two years later my farewell was on Palm Sunday.  Dedication of this building, Palm Sunday.  You may have memories, too.  And we may think we know all there is to know about Palm...

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The Spirit Changes Everything

Sue had lived her entire life in fear, in fear of God. She was sure God was perpetually angry with her because she couldn’t do what he commanded. In her mind, all the bad things in her life, all of the trouble and difficulty – the abuse, the money struggles, the strife within her family – was because God was punishing her for not being good enough. She tried to live a good life. She always wanted to do what was right, to follow what God said, but it was always out of fear. It...

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