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March 2019

See Him Arrested

It was meant to be a nice, fun trip to the mall. In fact, we were going to “Build A Bear” with four little girls. We could always use four more stuffed animals, right? Cute stuffed bears, with fun articles of clothing, made right as you watch. That is nothing but cute! But cute turned into ugly. We didn’t see the police officers at first. Actually, it was what we heard. Screams from a young woman, and all the naughty words that parents don’t really anticipate their...

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Keep Going in the Hands of the "I AM"

You might know that Wisconsin isn’t the only place that experienced major flooding this past week. Our friends in Nebraska and Iowa got hit pretty hard as well. For example, Nebraska now has an island called Fremont. Fremont wasn’t an island before last week. But now it is. And people have needed rescuing. One family called 911 after their basement wall had collapsed. The river was pouring into their house, and 60 mph winds were causing the water to quickly swirl all around them. So...

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See Him Pray

Do you have a safehouse? Now, I’m not asking if you consider your house, your home where you and your family live, to be safe. No, this has nothing to do with living in a low-crime community, having a security system, neighbors you trust, or doors with secure and working locks. I’m also not referring to a home full of love and peace. Though having a home where people feel both physically and emotionally safe is so valuable, that’s not what I mean when I say...

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Keep Going With Confidence

If only they would have known. If only they would have known, they could have avoided the problem all together. If only they would have known what was going to happen, they never would have gone. We hear such statements after something terrible happens, something tragic. We maybe have even said something like that ourselves. People say things like that, just hoping the problem could have been avoided, hoping loved ones wouldn’t have been harmed.  If only she would have known, she...

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See Him Serve

“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” I heard him say it – I was right there –  and it really wasn’t pretty. It was his way of standing up for himself. He was sick and tired of someone else telling him what to do. If it was a dispute, I hadn’t heard the first part of it, but I certainly heard the last part. Hopefully the dispute ended right there but I don’t think either one really felt good. Do you think the disciples’ dispute was any...

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Keep Going Toward Victory

You might know that a couple of weeks ago was the 39th anniversary of the “Miracle on Ice,” which is how we refer to the day when the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team beat the heavily-favored Soviet Union. Some of you probably remember watching that game, and you might know that the odds of the United States beating the Soviet Union in that game were 1000-to-1. If those two same teams were to play 1000 times, the Soviet Union would win every game – except one. Those two...

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See Him!

When I was in first grade I was accused, found guilty, and punished for something I didn’t do. And, yes, it still bothers me 25 years later. There were four of us in the boys' bathroom after the noon recess; another first grader and I, and two-second graders. The two-second grade boys were being mean, making fun of, and calling the other first-grade boy names. They were bullying him. The two-second graders left the bathroom first. Then shortly after that the other boy and I left the...

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You Are Blessed with a Glorious Identity

Have you ever had a glorious mountaintop experience? Our family had one. It was a hot August day in 2010. It was about 90 degrees in Asheville, NC, where we were living at the time so we took a day trip to Mt. Mitchell, a couple hours from Asheville in the Appalachian Mountains, the highest peak east of the Mississippi. It was at least 25 degrees cooler as we touched the clouds, had a picnic lunch, hiked some trails, and just had one of those fun family days. But then, of course, the six of us...

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