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March 2018

A Real Meal, Not Virtual Reality

Have you heard about “Ready Player One”? It’s a recent science fiction novel, and now it’s a movie directed by Stephen Spielberg.  In fact, it debuts tonight! The movie features the main character Wade Watts playing a game of virtual reality which ends up being more than a game. If he wins he can control the virtual reality software which allows him to control the future. This weekend as millions of Americans pay big bucks to see “Ready Player One,”...

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Ransom: It Cost Him His Dignity

Have you ever been bullied? Some statistics say 1 in 2 young people have been bullied. But because so many don’t report bullying, that number could be much higher. Stats say that girls report bullying more than boys do. Boys bully more than girls do.   What’s the worst part of being bullied? Isn’t it that you feel controlled or helpless at the moment. It’s like slavery – even if it’s momentary – because someone else is robbing you of the basic...

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Jesus, Your King

Several summers ago, a few friends and I traveled through Europe, from Stockholm, Sweden down to Rome, Italy. During that three and a half weeks, we found ourselves asking the same questions again and again. As we walked through the streets of each new city we came to, we would inevitably ask “What’s going on over there?” “What’s all the commotion about?” “Who is that?” Seemingly out of nowhere large crowds would form. The crowds were almost...

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How Would You Like to See Jesus?

If you could sit down with anyone in the world and have a 15-minute conversation, who would you pick? And here’s a bonus:  you can pick a moment in time when you can see them.  For example, would you like to see LeBron James in person right now….or when he was 14 and not quite so muscular? Would you like to talk to Carrie Underwood, the famous singer today….or when she wasn’t quite as glamorous? Or for those of you who remember the great running back OJ...

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It Cost Jesus His Authority

When you go through the checkout line at Woodman’s, I doubt you always watch the individual prices pop up on that screen.   Cheerios, $3.33.   Crystal Farms String Cheese, $2.89.  Bush’s Baked Beans, $1.79.  Typically, you wait for the total.  You owe, “$112.58.”  Lent can be the same way.  We know the total cost.  To pay for our sins, to ransom us, it cost Jesus his life.  On the cross, he cried out, “It is...

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Find Definite Confidence in God's Indefinite

John 3:16.  The most quoted bible passage of all time.  The Gospel in a Nutshell.  It’s not just commented on by theologians, but by actors, and artists, and athletes.  So much in it.  Fifteen years ago I preached on these words and I had the ushers hand out peppermint candies for the sermon.  As the congregation savored the sweetness of that candy, I wanted them to savor the sweetness of this verse.   Don’t just chomp it down,  but enjoy...

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It Cost Him His Power

“Jesus, do something!” “Jesus, say something!” “Jesus, escape!” “Jesus, walk right through the armed crowd!” “Jesus, avoid the next blow!” “Jesus, just tell them who hit you!” We read this section of the passion history. We read of Jesus’ arrest and his unfair trial. We read how they spit on him, blind folded him, and struck him with their fists, and we wish Jesus would do something. We want him to act. In a way it...

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." (Nelson Mandela) "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." (Benjamin Franklin) "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." (Malcolm X) These are just three of hundreds of quotes you can find about the value of education.  And it seems like this time of year, we’re just in the thick of things when it...

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