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March 2017

Selfless Service

Sermon on Sunday, March, 26, 2017 by Pastor Phil Koelpin, based on Matthew 20:17-28.   INTRODUCTION: Are you following it? Are you one of the 60 million plus who took the time to fill out brackets for it? Are your favorite teams still in it? I'm talking about March Madness, the annual NCAA Tournament which kicked off on March 14th. My wife and I got hooked when we lived in Tucson, Arizona. The 1997 tournament, when the U of A Wildcats went all the way, is burned into our memories....

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Jesus' Go Plan

Sermon at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Greenville, WI by Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer, based on John 4.   As a church, Immanuel has a GO plan. Our GO plan seeks to answer the question: How can we best reach those in our community with the good news of Jesus? Immanuel’s GO plan includes sending postcards and taking out an ad in the Greenville newsletter. We host events like Winter Carnival and Community Picnic, and we have Welcome Sundays. As families move into Greenville, one of you...

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What Are You Looking at?

Ever have this situation happen – a child is so proud of their artwork.  Their masterpiece.  They can hardly wait to show you.  As you soon as you walk into the room they say, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.  Look what I made.”  You look at it.  “That’s a beautiful…”  You turn it.  You look at it some more.  “That’s a beautiful…” - still trying to figure out what it is.  Finally they say,...

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