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February 2020

He Came to Save the Burdened

Chris is a sheep that many people were talking about in 2015. The reason people were talking about him is because of what Chris was wearing when they found him. Chris, as a sheep, of course, was wearing wool. But he was wearing so much wool that it nearly killed him. Sheep need to be shorn on a pretty regular basis because, if they’re not, the extra weight on their skin will put extra pressure on their organs and digestive system, making them more likely to fail. If their coat becomes...

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Who Am I? I Am SAFE

760 million people! That’s about 10% of the world’s population. 760 million! Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, that’s the number of people the Chinese government has kept under lockdown in an attempt to stop the rapid spread. They’re unable to work, shop, go about their daily lives. 74,000 confirmed cases of the virus affecting 760 million people. Does this lockdown – the warnings to stay home, officials going door to door doing random health checks,...

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Who Am I? I Am HOLY

Melissa and her husband live in Virginia. One night, when her husband came home from work rather late, hungry because he had missed supper, Melissa told him he would find something in the oven. “Great!” he said. “I’m starving.” So he walked over to the oven, opened it up, and inside found just a single bun. He looked at it, turned around and asked why there was just a single bun in the oven. “Because,” Melissa said, “as far as I know, it’s...

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As you may know, President Trump gave the annual “State of the Union” address this past Tuesday evening. And like most every President who has given a similar address to the nation, he did a good job of celebrating the things that he thinks are going well right now. In particular, he mentioned blue-collar jobs on the rise and growth in manufacturing. But also like every President who has given a similar address to the nation, he also highlighted some areas that he believes need some...

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Not Your Burden: Happiness

I was in the city of Chicago last week for a conference, and it reminded me of something that happened back in 2017. 2017 is when I first heard of a young boy in Chicago named Jakhil Jackson. One day when he was 9, his aunt took him to a shelter in Chicago to help feed the homeless. And he couldn’t believe what he saw – the poverty, sadness, and pain. He looked at his aunt and said, “They don’t even have basic items to start or end their day.” He said he wished he...

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