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February 2019

Be Happy by Loving Your Enemy

If you have been looking for another reason to not move to Siberia, I think I may have found one for you. In Siberia, they don’t close schools just for snow days and cold days. They also have to occasionally close school when polar bears invade. The town of Novaya Zemlya was recently invaded by a pack of 50 wild polar bears. The bears have gotten into their school buildings. They have attacked people on the streets. They’re going through people’s garbage and destroying their...

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The "Blessed" Life: Happiness

Are you familiar with this? If I were to post a picture or a statement on social media – say Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I could label my post with a hashtag. It allows others to see what I posted if they search using that label. (And you’re right, a hashtag is simply a pound sign.) One of the most popular social media labels is #blessed. Earlier this week I searched Twitter using the #blessed label, and these were the posts that rose to the top: Russel Westbrook getting his...

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Not Without You...Action

If you could choose to have one superpower, what superpower would you choose? I realize it’s a question you didn’t think you would consider at church this morning, but which one would you choose? Flight, invisibility, teleportation, super-human strength or speed… What superpower would you choose? Do you have one? Ok, let’s take it one step farther. What would you do with it? How would you use your superpower? The first two summers after high school, I worked as a...

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Not Without Your Loving Attitude

The Super Bowl, as you might know, is almost as famous for its commercials as it is for the game that’s played.  One of the best commercials I’ve seen was shown immediately after the Super Bowl two years ago when the Patriots beat the Falcons. The commercial was for Hyundai – a car company. It showed a tent of American soldiers who were stationed overseas at the time, watching the Super Bowl, and reminded us that some people watching the Super Bowl aren’t able to be...

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