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December 2017

Let All Adore You

You’ve thought about it, haven’t you?  You’ve thought about what it would be like to be Mary.  Not only being miraculously pregnant and giving birth to the Son of God, but you’ve thought about it.  What was it like to hear a baby cry who will wipe every tear from our eyes?  What was it like to swaddle a baby who wraps you in the robe of his righteousness?  What was it like to have strangers visit and worship your son, even though he knows...

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Join the Triumph of the Skies

Introduction: What happened on that first Christmas night caused the very angels in heaven to rejoice. The angels’ celebration spilled out of the heavens over the Judean countryside as the message of a Savior born in Bethlehem was shared with shepherds. Today as we gather to worship our Savior and celebrate his birth, we join the triumph of the angels in the sky. We listen to their message. We run with the shepherds to find the baby, lying in a manger. May God fill you with that joy and...

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God's Guidelines in Times of Stress

INTRODUCTION: A little later on in our service we are going to pray these words: “In these days before Christmas, spare us from the stress of deadlines and the frenzy of commercialism.” Every year about this time we need to pray that prayer, because, if we’re honest, despite our best intentions, all of us can and do get caught up in – and stressed out by – the trappings of the season. Stress is defined as a feeling of strain or pressure or “being under the...

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The Announcement to Joseph

Have you ever seen an angel? Me neither. But if you would, if an angel would actually come to you with a message from God as to Zechariah, Mary, and Joseph, what would you hope that angel would share with you? Maybe you would want an update on your loved ones and a clear description of what heaven is like. Or perhaps you’d want the angel to speak to the here and now. Is all the craziness in my life going to settle down? What is going to happen to my sick loved one or with my strained...

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One Thing Worth Remembering

A few months back, I subscribed to a weekly email called “The One Thing” – based on a best-selling book by the same name that promotes an approach to life that concentrates on doing “The One Thing” instead of getting caught up in all the distractions of what I could do.  Ironically, I recently “unsubscribed” because I rarely read the emails. The “One Thing” was not my “One Thing.”  But it caused me to do a double-take...

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The Announcement to Mary

Have you ever seen an angel? Me neither. But Mary has. Mary, the mother of Jesus, saw some amazing things throughout her life: Shepherds worshiping her newborn in a stable, eight days later an old man and old woman whom she had never met praising God over her son at the temple, wise men worshiping and presenting expensive gifts to her toddler. Mary found her 12-year-old boy discussing theology with priests and teachers of the law in the temple courts. She witnessed her adult son perform his...

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Waiting for the Good & Bad

So how many things in life can you name that are agathokakological? Agathokakological means “consisting of both good and bad.” There are many examples:  maybe winning the lottery (instant wealth often leads to a life filled with emptiness and misery), or an all-you-can-eat buffet (seldom leaves you feeling good – maybe it’s just me), or free Packer tickets…in December…when Aaron Rodgers is injured.   A real-life agathokakological story is the...

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