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November 2018

The Kingdom, Power, and Glory Are His

To begin the message let’s pray the Lord’s Prayer. But as we do, I’m going to ask you to do what one of our Leadership Team members does – he visualizes each petition of the prayer. So that you can have a little more time to develop the images in your mind, we’ll go a little slower. Again, please attempt to visualize each petition. Ready? Our Father in heaven… hallowed be your name… your kingdom come… your will be done on earth as it is in...

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Thanksgiving Roots

After their first harvest in 1621, the pilgrims celebrated with a feast. This meal celebrating a successful growing season and harvest was attended by 50 pilgrims who were on the Mayflower and 90 Native Americans. Many trace the Thanksgiving holiday we have today to that celebration at the Plymouth Plantation. It’s even often referred to as the “First Thanksgiving.” Though our holiday may have its roots in that meal shared by the community of pilgrims and Native Americans,...

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We Have the Advantage

When LeeAdianez Rodriguez was 12-years-old, she signed up to run a 5K race in her hometown of Rochester, NY. She had never run a 5k. In fact, she had only started running two weeks earlier. But the race was raising money for a good cause, and she decided to sign up anyway. On the morning of the race, she and her mom were running behind and she was afraid she was going to be late. The race was starting on a local bridge. When she arrived, she saw all sort of runners already lined up to start the...

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Words Matter

What are the most important words that someone has ever said to you?   What’s the most significant or one of the most significant talks you’ve ever had in your life?  Got it?  Maybe it was something your dad said to you shortly before he died.  Maybe it was a friend pouring out their heart to you.  Maybe it was someone getting down on a knee and saying, “Will you marry me?”  Maybe it was a short conversation but it included powerful...

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Who Holds The Gavel?

Who is the one person who could walk into church right now, sit next to you, and instantly make you feel better, happier, make you feel calm? Who is the one person that when you are with them everything just seems right in the world no matter what is going on around you? Maybe it’s your spouse, your mom, your sister, your son, your college roommate or friend from high school, your cousin, your grandpa. You might already be sitting next to them right now. See, that’s the person you...

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