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November 2017

The Announcement to Zechariah

Have you ever seen an angel? Me neither. Yet we’re sort of obsessed with them, aren’t we? We watch TV shows and movies and listen to songs all about angels. You may have an angel tattoo on an ankle or shoulder. We stick them on the back of our cars or hang them over the dash. Angels, especially this time of year, decorate our homes and holiday cards. We even cut out cookies in the shape of angels. I ate one just yesterday. Though we have never seen a real angel, and if we have we...

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Be Filled with Fruit

Are you full?  Are you still full?  Sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry salad, gravy and stuffing all teamed up to stuff you.  More than likely, your stomachs weren’t the only thing filled.  Your homes were filled with people – how many of you needed folding chairs and tables as the usual kitchen table couldn’t accommodate?  Your basements were filled with noise, as screaming cousins circled...

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What To Say Before Thanksgiving

THANKSGIVING VIDEO – “Thank You God” “Thank you, God.” That sounds good to our ears, doesn’t it? And obviously it’s fitting for Thanksgiving. By being in God’s house worshiping him on Thanksgiving or watching a Thanksgiving message online, you have a desire to say “Thank you, God!”  I truly believe that every one of you this Thanksgiving will in one way or another say “Thank you” “Thank you, God” or...

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See Christ as the King

So how’d you get here today?  I live right over there, so I didn’t have many options.  But many of you did.  I was thinking what it would be like to be Pastor Q coming to church.  He could take Route A – Greenwood to School.  But depending on the time of day, 76 is impossible to cross or he might want to avoid the speedtrap on School.  Route B – Everglade to 76 to School.  Or maybe he wants to avoid School Rd altogether if there’s...

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We Will Be With The Lord Forever

It happened again. Another shooting. Another attack on the innocent. In fact, it’s seems to be happening so often lately you may not even know which one I’m talking about. I’m referring to the church shooting in Texas this past Sunday.  It’s sort of eerie, isn’t it? As 50 people gathered in their place of worship like you and I are doing right now, many of them were shot, 26 killed.   This past week as I was preparing to share a message from...

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Where Do We Go from HERE?

Sermon by Pastor Phil Koelpin, based on Ephesians 3:20,21. INTRODUCTION: This is a big weekend for Immanuel! It is “Sharing Weekend”! It is the weekend we have set aside for all of us to turn in this little card indicating our intention, with God’s help, to support the HERE vision of Immanuel Lutheran Church.   To say that a lot of people are wondering about the outcome of today’s events would be an understatement. The questions are numerous....

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