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October 2019

When Duty Becomes Privilege

So how many of you like your job?  How many of you love your job? How many of you have parts of your job that you would really rather not do?  That’s probably the case for most people. But how would you feel about your job if your job was to clean up after the elephants in a zoo? (I’m not talking about picking up their toys!) There are people in our world and in our community who do jobs or tasks that just aren’t enjoyable:  from septic tank cleaners to sewer...

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Keeping Things in Perspective

INTRODUCTION: I’d like to take you back into the heart and mind of a pastor named Timothy. He lived long ago in the city of Ephesus. Ephesus was a wild port city, a hub where sailors, businessmen, and travelers gathered on their way East. It was a place far from home where sexuality was celebrated and no holds were barred. In Timothy’s day there were people who probably said, “What happens in Ephesus, stays in Ephesus.” Early on, Timothy had big plans for his church....

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Make An Impact - with Your Wealth

A while back, I saw a news story about a group of guys in New Zealand who broke into someone’s house. They waited patiently in their cars until the owner and his family went off to work and school for the day. Once they were gone, the guys broke in.  They started in the crawl space underneath the house but eventually made their way in through the kitchen and bathrooms. By the time they left, they had installed hidden cameras throughout the house so they could see what was going on...

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