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October 2018

Stand Firm to the End

As your friend, I feel it’s my responsibility to warn you that something very dangerous is about to happen. We are about to walk straight into something that will be extremely difficult and challenging. It’s called winter. Even though we will finally be free of the box elder bugs, it will be cold. We’ll lose many minutes of productivity each day as put on and take off our many layers. It will be dark, and it will be slippery, which is something that, as long as it...

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Meet Your Goal of Greatness

Daniel Boria lives in Canada and he owns a cleaning company. In July of 2015, he was looking for a unique way to advertise his business. There was a local parade going on, and he thought it would be great place to advertise. His plan, though, wasn’t to pass out fliers or set up a table and hand out information. Instead, he decided to fly over everyone in a lawn chair. Maybe you’ve seen the movie UP, in which a man ties balloons to his house so that his house can fly away. Well,...

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Why Do You Call Me Good

Read text (Mark 10:17-27). Imagine being that young man.  Running to Jesus.  Falling on your knees before him.  Calling him good.  Asking him questions.  We really don’t have to imagine, do we?  You didn’t run to Jesus today, but you drove to Jesus.  You maybe didn’t fall on your knees, but dozens of you bowed your head as you sat down in the pew.  You ask questions in your prayers and in one of those prayers you call him good,...

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Jesus Helps Hurting Relationships

As of this past Monday, Jim Wodke is unemployed. For the last 26 years, he has worked in the Century Building in downtown Milwaukee as the elevator operator. The Century Building is 93 years old, and it contained the last manually-operated elevator in Milwaukee until this past Monday, when they shut it down. A manually-operated elevator is just that – it’s an elevator that only operates if a man or a woman is there to operate it. What we’re used to in most buildings is a bit...

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How Can You Make It Salty Again?

On April 26, 2003, Aron Ralston went for a hike through Blue John Canyon in Southeastern Utah. As he was climbing down a boulder, that boulder came loose and crushed Aron’s right hand against the canyon wall. His arm was stuck; he wasn’t able to move.  Not to make light of his situation, but Aron Ralston was literally trapped between a rock and hard place. (Actually, he would later write an autobiography using that as the title.) Aron was trapped with his right arm crushed...

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