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October 2016

The Peace of Christ: Concerning Protection

The end of the Apostle Paul’s life almost reads like an adventure novel.  He sails across the Mediterranean Sea and survives a shipwreck where literally the ship broke apart and sank. In Rome he was under house arrest for two years and was finally acquitted and set free. He then traveled to Spain and northern Greece.  But when Rome burned in July of 64 for six full days, Nero the emperor found Christians to be the easy scapegoats. In the ensuing persecution some believers were...

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The Peace of Christ: Concerning the Economy

Joshua 7:1, 19-26 John was the picture of the American success story. He was one of 11 children who grew up on a farm in small-town Minnesota. But it was a small farm—he shared his bed with one or two siblings. And it was on poor land—even as a child, even though he didn’t know the word, he knew his family was living in poverty. He remembers a banker coming to talk to his parents when they couldn’t make their payments; he remembers that the power company kept turning...

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The Peace of Christ: Concerning Foreign Policy

Foreign policy.  Where does one begin?  There are so many different issues and approaches to this political topic.  Should the United States continue to be allies with Israel?  Some church bodies say that’s an absolute necessity because they wrongly subscribe to the belief that Jesus is going to come back and establish an earthly kingdom through the nation of Israel.  What about Syrian refugees?  Our hearts melt when we see pictures of a little Syrian boy...

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The Peace of Christ... Concerning our Rights

Sermon by Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Greenville, WI, based on Ruth 1:16, 17.   What is your greatest right as a citizen of the United States of America? As a citizen of this country, you have certain, protected rights. You have the right to say what you want to say. You have the right to come to Immanuel Lutheran Church on a Sunday morning and worship. You have the right to have guns in your home or to even carry a weapon on your person. You have...

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What Is Your Fight Song?

It’s homecoming week!  Our high school, Fox Valley Lutheran just finished a week of festivities, culminating with a football victory on Friday night and a dance on Saturday (if I’m a little tired today it’s because I had the late shift chaperoning).  Beginning tomorrow, our local high school, Hortonville begins its homecoming festivities.  From dress-up days to formal dresses, talent shows to touchdowns, it’s an exciting (and exhausting) week.  But...

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