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January 2019

Not Without Your Function

If you’ve ever been to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, I doubt your trip was nothing like Nick Sandmann’s class trip to the Lincoln Memorial last week. If you don’t know the name Nick Sandmann, it’s likely you’ve seen his picture. He is the 16-year-old high school student wearing the red “Make America Great Again” hat while a Native American Elder named Nathan Philips is banging a drum and chanting. And those are about all the details anyone can...

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Not Without Your Focus

My guess is that you haven’t thought about this since your 6th grade science or social studies class.  You remember learning that you wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for grass and plants and trees. They give off the oxygen that living, breathing creatures need to live. At the same time, we living, breathing creatures give off the carbon dioxide that plants need to live. And for plants and humans to grow, we need the sun, the perfect distance away from planet...

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New Year, New You: Satisfy Your Search for Grace

I was at home this past Thursday night, scrolling through my social media feeds, when I read a post from a friend that said, “God answers prayers.” Do you know what she was referring to? She was referring to Jayme Closs. Jayme, as you may know, is the 13-year-old girl who went missing on October 15th. That’s the day deputies responded to a 911 call and found both of her parents dead inside their home, and Jayme was nowhere to be found. They sent out an Amber Alert. More than...

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New Year, New You: Satisfy Your Search for Guidance

A search for guidance… It’s what caused the Magi to look up into the sky generation after generation. Until one night, these astronomers or astrologers (they were likely one or the other) saw a star they had never seen previously. It wasn’t there the night before, nor was it there the night before that. And not only had they never seen this star, it was unlike any other star they had seen. Then they remembered some of things Belteshazzar had said over 600 years before that...

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Moses' New Year's Prayer

Have you seen those lists of famous people that died in 2018? If you haven’t here are some names that will click with many people:  Barbara Bush, George HW Bush, Aretha Franklin, Burt Reynolds, Penny Marshall, Billy Graham, John McCain, Margot Kidder (aka Lois Lane), David Ogden Stiers (aka Major Winchester on M*A*S*H), Jerry Van Dyke, Keith Jackson, baseball’s Willie McCovey, basketball’s Jo Jo White, football’s Dwight Clark, Stephan Hillenburg (creator of...

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New Year, New You: Satisfy Your Search for Growth

Erin and I celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on the 26th, this past Wednesday. In the afternoon, we were sitting around the table playing my cousin’s new Ticket To Ride board game she opened the day before. And of course, right next to the game board was just a mound of delicious Christmas treats. As I popped an eighth peanut butter ball into my mouth, I received a text. It read, “Anytime Fitness Exclusive, Join Anytime Fitness Appleton for $1 before January 11th! Call...

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