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January 2018

X Marks the Spot: Where Healing is Offered

Do you know what H3N2 is? If you work in the field of medicine I’m sure you do.  H3N2 is the deadliest strain of influenza that we’ve had since 2009. It’s a sub-type of Influenza A, and it’s the same virus that brought the Hong Kong flu pandemic in 1968, which killed between one and four million people. This winter already twenty-one states have registered a high level of H3N2 outbreaks. Estimates say 6% of our country’s population—that’s about 20...

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X Marks the Spot: Where Evil is Cast Out

“Deliver us from evil.” What goes through your mind when you say that petition, the last petition, of the Lord’s Prayer?  Unfortunately, we sometimes breeze through that beautiful prayer without thinking about what we’re praying.  Let me give you some time right now.  If you had to draw a picture of that petition, what would you draw? Maybe you pictured a bully in the classroom or at work.  You can hear the name-calling on the playground or see the...

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Where the Gospel is Preached

[Video clip of mudslides in CA].  Amazing, isn’t it?  I can’t imagine waking up at night to mud pouring into my house.  Sure, there were some evacuation warnings, but the areas hardest hit were not in the forced evacuation zones.  One moment you’re sleeping.  The next, suffocated by running dirt.  While we’re maybe fascinated by the destructive force, have you found yourself amazed one minute but simply flipping the channel to something more...

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No Found but Revealed

Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Goonies, Treasure Island. This week I googled “Treasure Hunting books and movies,” and received 716,000 results in 0.87 seconds. The list at the top of the page was far too long to count. We’re just fascinated with the idea of finding hidden treasure. We can’t get enough of those stories. But as I looked through Google’s list, there was one nonfiction I just wasn’t able to find – The Magi...

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A Great 2018

In his book entitled In An Average Lifetime, Tom Heymann shows that the average American spends: 3 years in business meetings, 13 years watching TV, 24 years sleeping, and makes over 1800 trips to McDonalds. And the average lifespan for an American is a little over 78 years, a couple more years for women and fewer years for men. But those are averages and nobody is average.  So that doesn’t mean that you women will all live to be 81, nor can you men expect to live to exactly 76...

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The "Redeemed" Is The Redeemer

So are things back to normal yet? I suppose that depends… what is “normal?” If you’re talking about Christmas, do you still have an evergreen tree growing in your living room or are things “back to normal?” Still operating under a holiday work schedule or are things “back to normal?”  Kids still home for the holidays or are things “back to normal”? Last Sunday and Monday we observed a birth that was anything but...

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