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January 2016

Come and Worship: The God Who Brings Us Mercy

Has this ever happened to you? It was almost 16 years ago. We were driving from Nebraska to Wisconsin and were within 16 miles of being home.  Leah and I were talking in the car and all of a sudden I looked in the rearview mirror and I saw red and blue lights flashing.  I look down and sure enough I’m going about 55 or 60 in a 45 mph zone. I can actually feel the fear in my chest.  My heart starts beating faster, and I have this nervous/scared feeling.  As the...

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Come and Worship: The God Who Brings Us Peace

If you were one of the eighteen million people watching the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, you heard a variety of topics covered by President Obama as he enters his final year.  I didn’t see it personally, but I read the speech and came across this quote in regards to the Middle East and terrorism, “We will stand steadfast… in pursuit of security and lasting peace.”   President Obama is not the first president to talk about peace. ...

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Come & Worship: The God Who Helps Us

To prepare for sermons, one of things I do is I read or listen to numerous sermons on the selected text that I’m preaching.  I came across a Psalm 121 sermon by Pastor Ryan Schlicht.  His sermon was a fine sermon.  I was edified.  But it wasn’t so much the words that he spoke that touched my heart, it was the situation.  Some of you may recognize his name.  Pastor Schlicht was a pastor at our sister congregation in Clintonville, a congregation that is...

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Finding Where You Belong

I’ll never forget the day I came back to America. Some of you know this, but when I was little, my family and I lived in Sweden. After living there for two years, we decided to move back. We arrived in Nashville, TN, made it through customs fine, went outside to meet my grandparents, and this is the part I remember vividly: Just outside the airport, 11 year-old me, knelt down, lowered my head and kissed the ground. Why? Yes, partially because I was an overdramatic kid, but why? Because we...

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