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Moving: Jesus is Moving Me Toward Transformation

4/23/2017 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  John 20:19-31 

The Common Thread: The Burial Cloth (Easter Morning)

4/16/2017 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer   

The Common Thread: An Undergarment (Good Friday Traditional)

4/14/2017 Pastor John Qualmann   

The Common Thread: The Veil (Good Friday Tenebrae - Entire Service)

4/14/2017 Pastor Joel Heckendorf   

The Common Thread: The Towel (Maundy Thursday)

4/13/2017 Pastor Phil Koelpin    

Shakin' Not Stirred

4/9/2017 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  Matthew 21:1-11 

The Spirit Changes Everything

4/2/2017 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  Romans 8:11-18 

Selfless Service

3/26/2017 Pastor Phil Koelpin  Matthew 20:17-28 

Jesus' Go Plan

3/19/2017 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  John 4 

What Are You Looking At?

3/12/2017 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  Genesis 3 

Repent - Turn to Jesus, Do Not Turn Away

3/8/2017 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  Matthew 27:1-5 

Christ Uses Everyone for Ministry

3/5/2017 Pastor Wayne Shevey   

Repent, Turn to Jesus and Not Yourself

3/1/2017 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  Luke 18:9-14 

Touched by Jesus

2/26/2017 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  Matthew 17:6-7 

Chosen to Live a New Life

2/19/2017 Pastor John Qualmann  Ephesians 4 

Chosen To Be United

2/12/2017 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  Ephesians 4 

Chosen to Serve with the Gospel

2/5/2017 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  Ephesians 3:2-12 

Chosen to Be a Dwelling for God

1/29/2017 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  Ephesians 2:19-22 

Chosen by Grace

1/22/2017 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  Ephesians 2:8-9 

Chosen From All Eternity

1/15/2017 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  Ephesians 1:3-6 

Epiphany's Protagonist

1/8/2017 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  Matthew 2: 1-12 

The Perfect Name

1/1/2017 Pastor John Qualmann  Luke 2:21 

This Is Our God: Prince of Peace

12/25/2016 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  Isaiah 9:6 

Whole Service Christmas Eve: THIS Is Our God!

12/24/2016 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  Various Texts 

You Can Be Certain

12/18/2016 Pastor Phil Koelpin  Matthew 11:1-6 

This Is Your God - Everlasting Father

12/14/2016 Pastor John Qualmann   

Root for the Root

12/12/2016 Pastor Joel Heckendorf  Isaiah 11:1-10 

This Is Your God: Mighty God

12/7/2016 Pastor John Qualmann  Isaiah 9 

A Greater Mountain

12/4/2016 Pastor Nathan Moldenhauer  Isaiah 2:1-5 

This Is Your God: Wonderful + Counselor

11/30/2016 Pastor John Qualmann  Isaiah 9:6 

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