Mornings with Mommy

Immanuel's Mornings with Mommy will not be meeting this Summer.
We look forward to seeing you in September!

Introducing Mornings with Mommy…
a unique blend of story time, play date, and learning center that combine
to meet the needs of young children.

   When?                                                                                                                              Schedule
   First and Third Wednesday of the month                                                            *Circle time for songs and stories
   Sign in begins at 8:15am                                                                                     *Mommy-led learning activities focused on a theme
   Session begins at 8:30am                                                                                   *Learning centers for exploration, creativity, fine and
   Cost?                                                                                                                    gross motor coordination
   $3 per family per session                                                                                    *Sessions end with snack time
   (Cost includes snacks and activities)

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Pack your diaper bag and join us! Space is limited to the first 25 children.