HERE - My Plan for Giving
We believe God is calling us into an exciting chapter of life together at Immanuel. Under God's guidance, we have an aggressive ministry plan to Gather HERE, Grow HERE, and Go from HERE to live and share our Savior's love. That ministry plan sets before us new and exciting opportunities that will impact our lives, the community of Greenville, and beyond.

Here: The First Step
To carry out our ministry plan, it is important for each of us to seek the Lord's guidance. Let's ask him to help us grow in faith, to inspire us to generosity, and bless us as we Gather, Grow, and Go from HERE!
You are invited on a generosity journey to explore how you might respond to the great things your Savior has done. We are all at different stages of giving. Identify your current stage and prayerfully move forward on your personal journey, as you grow in faith and thanks to God, who has already taken care of your greatest need - a Savior.
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 Getting Started (Just beginning to give to God)
 Occasional (Giving to God, but not regularly)
 Regular (Giving on a regular basis, but not a consistent amount or percentage)
 Intentional (Planning in advance what to give, amount or percentage)
 Boundless (Giving without restraint, with full trust in the Lord)
My Plan for Giving HERE
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